Yellow Brick Road 
Here you will find some ways you can use YouTube to keep the kiddos going, and many, many links to other terrific sources for active online music learning. 


This website has recorder Karate in French.

These are French karaoke videos of songs for all levels of elementary school.

Safe You Tube

This website lets you share YouTube videos on their own and lets you control what section of the video plays. Unlike other websites with this function, you do not need to login to create videos and so there is no limit to the number of videos you can share.

Make Moments Matter

This website has a wide-array of valuable music-ed resources by David Row.

Thanks Kara & Kacie for suggesting this website for piano students at home!

DOUG GOODKIN COC session - May 2/20

DOUG GOODKIN COC session - May 16/20

DOUG GOODKIN C0C session - May 30/20

​AIMEE CURTIS PFITZNER'S Land Ho! Music Workshop - June 9/20

Your MOC Board has been working on creating a list of tried and true on-line resources for you to access during this time of teaching music from home.

Stay tuned as we will continue to add to this page of resources!

***There are many lists of resources out there, and we are as overwhelmed by it all as you are.

This is what we have found helpful and inspiring and what we have used in our classrooms.


​​​​Carl Orff Canada

Our national organization provides creative lesson plans and has written articles to help you

with teaching music though distance learning.

Fun With Composers

Music Play Online

Music Play Online has shared lesson plans for free.

Login: snow

Password: 2020

The Mr. S Orff Music Room

Just a Little More

This website by Cherie Herring has lots ideas and she shares musical choice boards she has created for Seesaw.

Midnight Music

Katie Wardrobe has a wealth of resources for using music technology. There is a video of a live webinar offering tips for music teachers remotely, and a post titled Dear Music Teachers: Please Stop Asking 

How to Create a Virtual Choir Video which goes through all the steps you could use to do this, but also provides some simpler 


​Organized Chaos 
This blog has a couple of posts that can help us keep children actively engaged in music making.  

 In the post titled Distance Music Lesson Ideas: Singing there is some advice about using live and pre-recorded videos, as well as

 no-tech ideas such as a singing choice board.  You can also find a hand-washing dance and ideas to get kids moving.   
Teaching With Orff 

 So many resources to be found here! Click on “Making it Work” Teaching With Technology to find a wealth of additional useful links. 

 Explore the site further to find other handy tips, including Self Care for Quarantined Music Teachers.  
 There is a video of a live webinar offering tips for music teachers remotely, and a post titled Dear Music Teachers: Please Stop Asking

 How to Create a Virtual Choir Video which goes through all the steps you could use to do this, but also provides some simpler 

 Carnegie Hall: Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra 
 An interactive game based on Benjamin Britten’s classic piece where the main character Violet must find and rescue instruments which 

 have gone missing to return them home to the orchestra.  
Chrome Music Lab 
The Music Lab offers 13 different ways to engage your students in exploring and creating music.  An inspired Orff teacher could find 

multiple ways to use these tools as a springboard for virtual creativity.   
Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room 
The latest blog post explores how to assess musical response,  knowledge, and performance in a distance learning context.

It suggests a number of virtual platforms as well as providing examples of various assessment tools.   
Sillyo Music 
The March 15 post gives 8 suggestions on 

at-home music activities a teacher can suggest for students to complete independently or with their family.   
O Fortuna 
The March 8 post gives a wealth of suggestions teachers can use for remote / online music learning.  

It includes docs, websites, videos platforms, and sample lesson plans.