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2019-2020 Morna-June Morrow Award Recipient 
​mary-lynn berti

To qualify for the Morna-June Morrow Award for Excellence in Music Education in Manitoba, all nominees (and nominators) must be current members of the Manitoba Orff Chapter, and meet at least 4 of the 6 criteria listed below.


  1. Music teacher in a public or private school or institution for a minimum of 15 years. 
  2. Actively using Orff methodology in the music class setting.
  3. Actively involved in community music activities (e.g. divisional, church, or community groups).
  4. Self-initiating in his/her professional development.
  5. Strong sense of dedication and organizational skills.
  6. Actively involved with a music-related board/executive (ie: MOC, MMEA, MCA, etc.)

The award nomination should include the following:

  • Sponsor’s name and affiliation to Nominee (must not be a parent of a student)
  • Information concerning Nominee
  • Teaching experience of Nominee (ie: position, location, years of experience)
  • Nominee’s contribution to the profession including school program, extracurricular
  • Activities, community involvement, professional development, and involvement in workshops/in-services.
  • Publication and recognition awards received by Nominee
  • Rationale for nomination
  • Signatures of both the sponsor and the Nominee

The Morna-June Morrow

Award for Excellence 

in Music Education in Manitoba